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Assuring access to affordable, high quality and culturally appropriate dental health care for all

Our mission is to unite dentists in support of evidence-based, high quality and cost-effective oral health services including disease prevention and treatment and care delivery models.

Our Purpose

To unite dentists who support evidence-based practices in the U.S. as a means to advance the goal of comprehensive health equity with a specific interest in oral health equity for all. Examples of such practices include community water fluoridation, the use of dental sealants, the inclusion of fully funded comprehensive oral health benefits in public programs such as Medicare and Medicaid and the utilization of cost effective workforce models such as dental therapists. 

Our Board Members

Terry Batliner, DDS, MBA
Rachael Hogan, DDS
Todd Hartsfield
Ronald Romero, DDS, MPH

Who We Are

The coalition was founded by and is comprised of prominent dentists from across the country with extensive backgrounds in private practice, public health, dental education, administration and research. 

What We Believe

Every resident of the United States has a right to reasonable access to comprehensive, evidence-based health care services, including oral health services, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or other categories to which they are perceived to belong.

Position Statements

Read our latest position statements:


Our Vision

The American health care system provides equitable opportunity for all persons to attain optimal health, including medical, oral, mental and behavioral, vision and hearing.

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Join the growing list of dentists who support our mission.

Take Action

Help NCDHE spread the awareness of dental therapy and dental health equity.

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NCDHE joins Community Catalyst and the National Indian Health Board Tribal Oral Health Initiative as a Co-Sponsor of the National Partnership for Dental Therapy, a partnership dedicated to elevating the visibility and broad, multi-sectorial support for dental therapy.
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